Monday, July 20, 2009

More Positive Press

A group of five Pottstown-area professionals have announced that they've pooled their talent to create A Wedding in a Box, a business that gives brides the option of practically one-stop shopping to build a wedding, offering services from photography to pampering.

A Wedding in a Box's specialists include:

Photographer Melia Rios-Lazo, who has been photographing weddings for nearly a decade.

Jewelry designer Carrie Grabowicz, who works with brides and bridal parties to create exquisite pieces.

Yoga instructor and massage therapist Barbara Kosciewicz.

Makeup and skin care expert Clare Herkendaal.

Cruise and honeymoon specialist Danielle Weber.

The services of the A Wedding in a Box team are available together or a la carte. For more information, visit

Monday, July 13, 2009

Half Price Class

The practice of yoga has affected me profoundly on many levels, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I find sheer joy passing on what I’ve learned to others. As you begin the journey of planning your wedding and moving on to the next chapter of your life, consider yoga as a tool to calm your nerves, look inward and slow down, not to mention the amazing physical benefits of the practice that will help you look great in the dress!

I began my own practice doing videos in my living room before I was ‘brave’ enough to head out the door and to a class. I worried I wasn’t doing it ‘right’ After practicing yoga for close to 10 years I now know there is no ‘right’

Step out of your comfort zone and living room and try yoga with a friend. This month share the blissful experience of yoga with a friend or family member. Ease any discomfort of trying a new practice by having your closest girlfriend or family member by your side. Bring a friend to class and both receive a ½ price class. Begin your journey by honoring your self.

Here are a few words from some happy yogis:

"I enjoyed the class so much. I kept thinking about how nice it was to be doing something just for me . And at the end, when we all said 'Namaste', I thought I was going to cry. I thought I would be sore today, but I'm not."

"I am so happy that this studio is available locally at such a reasonable price. Both Barbara and Trish are awesome! I leave there feeling totally relaxed - love it!"

"The High Street Yoga & Wellness Center is wonderful! I tried yoga for the first time about a month ago & Barbara made my experience very easy. I felt an amazing sense of peace when I left the class. I love their commitment to community--they did a food drive for the food pantry & now for the holidays, they are doing a toy drive. I went to their Thanksgiving morning session & it was a wonderful way to start the day focusing on what matters most in my life. I'm looking forward to another visit during the holiday season! If you've always wondered what yoga is about, this is the place to try--very welcoming & willing to answer your yoga questions."

"I have never had a bad yoga session at this studio. The classes are perfect for restoring the mind, body, and soul. The studio has great atmosphere to be calm and serene and mindful of the practice. I recommend this studio to anyone who practices yoga already or to anyone who would like to begin a practice. Namaste."

"Having tried several yoga classes in the area, I can say without "stretching" the truth, that Barb's classes are terrific! Her voice is calming, soothing- she takes you right where you need to go to feel that you've conquered your day, brought tranquility to your life, and can peacefully face the world! Enjoy!"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Collegeville Times Herald

Yipppeee! We got some AWESOME press:

The Whole Package
You could say that five designing women were thinking outside the box when they came up with the idea of packaging their talents inside a box.

Specifically, “A Wedding in a Box.”

The friends’ services and products — custom jewelry, honeymoon planning, photography, makeup consulting and yoga/massage — don’t literally come packed in a box, of course.

But for the time and frustration the one-stop shopping can save, the concept itself might seem like it’s gift-wrapped and tied with a bow to a detail-oriented bride-to-be.

“It all has to do with branding,” said Carrie Grabowicz, the jewelry crafter of the group.

“We do give out a jewelry-size bracelet type box that has our cards inside explaining all about our services. So everyone sort of can remember us as ‘those box people.’ The idea just makes it all easier for brides, with everything in one place, neatly packaged up for you.”

The idea for A Wedding in a Box evolved from the successful businesses of the five women, who found that the synergy of collaborating ultimately enhanced the experience for the entire bridal party, Grabowicz noted.

“Brides can benefit from our combined expertise. We combine our talents and treat brides the way they should be treated, with custom and personal touches that are top notch.”

The partnership helps each of the A Wedding in a Box businesses grow independently as well, she added.

“We’re all separate entities and function separately,” Grabowicz said. “ But ‘A Wedding in a Box’ is a way to have five people promoting you, working together and trying to offer you the best.”

Should photographer Melia Rios-Lazo’s display at The Court at King of Prussia, promoting her own business, Priceless Moments, drum up some new clients for her, it could well bring some of those wedding dollars to the other partners’ endeavors as well.

“Everything we offer can also be purchased a la carte,” Grabowicz pointed out. “So people aren’t obligated to take everything we offer.”

With Hammi Jammi Jewelry, Grabowicz creates brooches and other pieces of “wearable art” from sterling silver, copper and even domino tiles.

“My company name comes from a name I gave my kids when they’re acting goofy,” she said, laughing. “I customize everything according to what the bride wants, like earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Many brides tend to wear pearls, but sometimes they may want something a little more bold, like a ruby color.”

The jewelry items can be for the bride herself, or for the bridesmaids to wear the day of the wedding, Grabowicz said.

Squaring off “A Wedding in a Box” enticements are stress-relieving yoga and massage by therapist Barbara Kosciewicz, who tends to both “the bodies and minds of the wedding party,” makeup and skin care attention by Clare Herkendaal of Arbonne and honeymoon possibilities offered by CruiseOne’s Danielle Weber.

Though most of the women live in Pottstown, they are all “very mobile” and available to present a mini bridal show throughout the area, Grabowicz said.

“A bride and her attendants can have a massage, try on make-up, enjoy a high fashion photography session, learn about honeymoon destinations, try on some one-of-a-kind jewelry ... while enjoying camaraderie with friends — and some chocolate.”

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Guess What People Are Sayin'????

Look at the AWESOME rave reviews that Carrie of Hammi Jammi Jewelry has received from her satisfied clients. Call her today for all your jewelry needs. Receive a FREE gift with your purchase.

"I have several of Carrie's creations and always receive so many compliments! I also bought a necklace and earrings for my mom for Christmas. She is IMPOSSIBLE to please! But, when she opened her gift she was so visibly pleased. She only seemed disappointed that it didn't match her outfit!" --Anna

"Carrie's jewelry is beautiful, unique, and well-made. Carrie is an absolute pleasure to do business with...she will work with you and figure out exactly what you want!!!" --Kristin

"Carrie makes very unique brooches from domino tiles and wire wraps them in a charming style. Love these pins because they are larger than the current trendy scrabble tile pendants. They stand out when worn. I know I get a lot of comments about mine! Carrie is quite a clever designer." --Ally

"Carrie does just beautiful, quality work! I am proud to wear her pieces and always get compliments on them! I would highly recommend Carrie and Hammi Jammi Jewelry!" --Jean

"Carrie's jewelry is creative, beautiful, and well-made. She does personal consultations to create special pieces designed to your liking. I highly recommend Hammi Jammi jewelry for gorgeous everyday pieces - as a treat for yourself or a gift for someone special. You will not be disappointed!" --Shelley

"I have several pieces of jewelry from Carrie and I LOVE them all. She made a custom grandmother necklace for my mother in law, and has customized pieces for me. Her customer service is excellent, her jewelry is made to order and done quickly and the prices are affordable. I would highly recommend Carrie for gift ideas, special events or for something special for yourself!" --Barbara

Carrie can be reached at 1-888-752-2742 ext.703

Awesome Cruise Deals For PA Residents

Contact Danielle of CruiseOne or at 1(888) 752-2742 ext. 705 for more information.