Sunday, October 4, 2009

Winter Wedding Trends

The winter of 2009 is a great time to have a wedding; there are many different styles to choose from to make your winter wedding memorable! This post will take a look at 5 different trends for 2009 and tell you how to incorporate them into your winter wedding.

1. Color Trends

The color trends this winter do not emulate from the normal festive green and red Christmas colors. Stick to traditional whites and silvers for an elegant winter style wedding dress and décor; if you want to get creative trying a deep purple to lighter lavender are good ways to spice up the color scheme without looking cliché. Winter wedding color trends should be a mix of darker rich colors that are not seen during a summer wedding; deep black suits with a matching shirt is a must for men.

This bridesmaid necklace from Hammi Jammi Jewelry is the perfect touch to add shades of purple into your wedding...and it's shimmery too:

2. Transportation

Transportation for winter weddings of 2009 is all about exotic cars, limousines, or large SUV limousines, such as the H2 stretch hummer. The "Limo" Company #1 in Chester Springs, PA is the perfect choice for your limo and town car needs. Mary Jo is professional and will really go the extra mile (literally) to make you the most important couple! Horse drawn carriages are another top choice for winter weddings this year; they are clean on the environment and provide classic winter elegance for the wedding party. Eco friendly themes are starting to take rout in wedding themes, if this is the case try renting or purchasing a hybrid vehicle or using smaller transportation.

3. Music

Classical music as well as a live pianist is becoming fast popular trends for winter 2009 weddings. The live music at the reception adds a more sophisticated feel than using a DJ; live singers are also great for providing that lively feel to the wedding. If the wedding theme is elegance then you should stick to the classical piano or classical music and jazz; however you can also incorporate some popular songs into the mix for dancing.

4. Centerpieces

This winter there are a few choices for centerpieces including the classic glowing candle with festive themed centerpiece. Low lighting receptions will magnify the center candles; another great option is having ice sculpture centerpieces such as vases. The only problem with ice carvings is they do melt, and can be very expensive.

5. Bouquet

This winter roses are still the top pick for winter weddings; white and red roses are the most popular for winter 2009. Red roses are a great way to continue the elegant appeal of a winter wedding; they are best since they add bright vibrant color to contrast the winter theme.

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  1. White and red roses would be absolutely gorgeous for a winter wedding. I love the purple being a popular wedding color too. There are so many beautiful shade to choose from.